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U. S. Access Board (Persons With Disabilities)
A Federal Agency Committed to Accesssible Design
U.S. Department of Transportation
Lots of Information, "For Hire" Service Federal Requirements
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
More Rules & Regulations We Must Follow
FMCSA - Enforcement Press Releases 3/00
Interesting Fines & Punishments If We Don't Follow The Rules
DeLorme Mapping Software
Create Maps & Directions With GPS Software I Use !

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's "S.A.F.E.R. System"
Click here to see if any Service "FOR HIRE" in the United States is Operating LEGALLY.

2. Click 1st dropdown menus and choose "Carrier Snapshot"
3. 2nd dropdown menu choose "Name"
4. Type the Company Name in "Query" box, (case sensitive, no punctuation),

** Click the "GO" button.

5. If the company name is there, check for correct City & State,

6. then click the link to check for MC & USDOT numbers on the MCS-150 page
...if you don't see a link, they don't even have the required Federal INTRASTATE(in state) USDOT Number

If there is a link BUT NO MC NUMBER on the form it means
They Don't Have The Minimum $1.5 Million Insurance on File!

Look at the top right of the page and click "Insurance Info"

Those Fancy 14+ passenger Vans, Limo's and stretch SUV's your KIDS want for their PROM
Require $5 Million Liability.
Be aware, these are State & Federal Laws. Don't be the one to get stopped, Local Police have jurisdiction.
REMEMBER, your Chauffeur is considered a passenger also, that makes 15+ passengers.

Any 8 passenger or larger vehicle must have the
USDOT Number on it at all times, even magnetic signs are acceptable.
Call us for more info on this, we'll walk you thru it.

Do You Really Know If That Vehicle You Rented Is On The Road LEGALLY ?

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